Please contact us if you are interested in developing or conducting a tabletop, functional, or full scale exercise. We are here to help you! 

Exercise's Provided:

  • Equipment Drills
  • Policy and Procedural Drills
  • TABLETOP (All-Hazards)
  • FUNCTIONAL (All-Hazards)
  • FULL-SCALE (All-Hazards)
  • Emergency Operations Centers (Tabletop, Functional, Full-Scale)
  • Tribal Culture (Tabletop)
  • CommEX: Communications Exercises (Radio, email, phone, etc)

Example Topics: 

  • Natural Hazards (Flooding, Tornado, High Winds, Ice Storms, etc.)
  • Technological Hazards (Train Derailment, Hazardous Materials Spill, Pipeline Rupture, Building collapse, etc)
  • Human-Caused Hazards (Terrorism, Cyber Attacks, Active Shooter, Violence, Riots, etc)

EOC Functional Exercise for the Arrowhead Region Emergency Management Association in Two Harbors, MN. Dec, 2019

Train De-Railment Tabletop Exercise for Koochiching County in International Falls, MN. Sep, 2018

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Exercises generally begin with a plan that has been trained on. Then move from seminars and workshops towards  a tabletop exercise driven by to a function that needs to be tested or scenario. Tabletops are discussion based and involve whole community members. Functional exercises test a certain piece of equipment or function specifically, and is usually a 'hands-on' type of event. A full-scale brings all the pieces together and is considered the 'final phase' in exercise development. They are usually the most costly to develop and conduct, but also test the most functions and involve a lot of coordination between agencies and personnel. 

Conducting one of the first ever Radio Interoperability Tests between Canada and the United States Systems. International Falls, MN. ‚ÄčNov, 2019

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Conducting a Tabletop Exercise for the MN Statewide EM Association Conference in Breezy Point, MN. Sep, 2019