Planning Scopes Offered:

- Private Business (banks, industry, etc.)
- Non-Profit’s (charities, churches, volunteer agencies, etc.)
- School Districts
- Government Facilities (courthouses, critical infrastructure, etc.)
- Hospitals and Clinics
- First Responder Agencies: Law Enforcement, Fire, EMS/Ambulance, Search and Rescue, Emergency Management
- Regional and State Organizations (associations, task forces, boards, etc.)
- Government Agencies: Local, Regional, State, Federal and Tribal

Additional scoping available upon request

Planning with Paramount Planning

Sample of Planning Services Available:

Please contact us, we will tailor plans to your needs

- Hazard Mitigation
- Emergency Operations Planning (EOPs)
- Emergency Operations Centers (EOCs)
- Hazardous Materials Response
- Biodefense and Public Health
- Healthcare Facilities
- Recovery Planning (Long and Short Term)
- Emergency Communications (ICS-205, 205a)
- Debris and Resource Management
- Evacuation and Shelter-in-Place
- Supply Chain Resiliency
- Disaster Financial Management
- Terrorism and Active Threat Response
- Continuity of Operations Planning (COOP)
- Business Continuity and Risk Management

Planning with Paramount Planning

“Plans are Nothing: Planning is Everything”

Dwight D Eisenhower Source Title