Incident Response Support



Emergencies happen, and when they do, you want experienced people on your side. An effective response depends on trained and educated personnel that can utilize their skills and tools to assist you. Paramount has been trusted by government agencies and companies across the upper Midwest to support their critical response activities.

- EOC/ICP/IMT Coordination Support
- ICS Process & Position Support
- Situational Awareness and Monitoring
- Common Operating Picture Enhancement
- Plan and document development (IAP, SitReps, SOG’s, etc)
- Miscellaneous assistance as requested

Incident Command Center Support

Various support services and staff available for operations on-scene as needed and available.

Emergency Operations Center Support

A Paramount Planning Cadre of support staff are available to assist in your response coordination center.

- Command Section
- Finance/Administration Section
- Logistics Section
- Operations Section
- Planning Section

Virtual Support

Paramount offers support virtually through multiple platforms, providing fast and efficient assistance without the added cost of travel and other logistical issues.