The History of Paramount Planning



Paramount Planning

Paramount Planning Group is a consulting company that services the Upper Midwest (MN, ND, SD, WI, IA) in the public safety, emergency management, and other governmental and private organizations through planning, organization, training, and exercising as well as providing for organizational development, grant writing and administration, and cultural and human rights awareness services.


Paramount Planning Group, LLC was founded on July 20th, 2015 in Bismarck, North Dakota out of the basement of a friend’s house. The business was founded as one of just a few emergency management and response planning businesses in the entire Upper Midwest region. The company was created on the principle of a higher level of quality and care in the development of plans, trainings, and exercises relating to first response organizations. After beginning to work with a larger client, AREMA, in northeastern Minnesota, the company moved the primary office from Bismarck, ND to just outside Grand Rapids, MN.

Today, Paramount Planning has expanded to service private businesses and industrial companies as well as extended services to include organizational development, grant writing and management, community and stakeholder outreach, as well the expanding human rights and cultural awareness field. Additional private locations have been opened in Cloquet and Madison, MN.