5 Core Paramount Tenants

The following principles and beliefs are held to the highest standard at Paramount Planning and are engrained into all projects and customers we work with.

  • 1.) Integrity: holding the client, the product, and the relationship above material issues
  • 2.) Innovation: Open and creative to client and project solutions
  • 3.) Respect: of individuals and organizations and their contribution to the team
  • 4.) Quality: Providing value and hard-work in all that we do
  • 5.) Communication: consistently maintaining contact with clients for updates and input

The company was founded on the principle of a higher level of quality and care in the development of plans, trainings, and exercises relating to governments and first response organizations. But more than that, your organization is unique, where you live, work and do business is unique, and the way you prepare and response is unique, so why wouldn’t the way you prepare for and respond to emergencies be unique as well?

The templated approach to product development (i.e. googling plan templates/exercises or using old ones and changing a few words) has proven not to work time and time again; it is a corner-cutting technique used by small and large companies alike to save money and their bottom line. This is a reckless and dangerous practice that may ultimately cost more money and potentially lives after an incident occurs. Here at Paramount, this is not an issue you need to worry about. All of our products begin with a blank Word document, it is company policy.

Company Guarantee: All clients will be fully satisfied with final products; if not, we will work overtime and extra to ensure you are satisfied with what you paid for. Your satisfaction is of Paramount concern.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

These are key values that our company and staff hold at the pinnacle of everything we do. Throughout projects and when working with clients, we are supportive of different groups of individuals, including people of different races, ethnicities, religions, ages, abilities, genders, and sexual orientation. These facets are considered and included in project delivery, starting on the front end and re-addressed throughout a project.

Paramount practices this through its own diverse staff, which come from a very wide array of backgrounds and have many different characteristics.