Grant Management



Grant management is the processes and methods organizations go through to oversee grants and encompasses every part of a grants lifecycle.

An effective grant proposal, follow up, design, reporting, and close out is essential to running any successful grant program. Many public and private organizations depend on grant funding to accomplish their goals and objectives but also take on the added task of administration of these grants.

Paramount provides several grants management solutions focused on 3 primary areas:

- Grant Writing
- Grant Management
- Training & Technical Assistance

Services Available

  • This includes proposal development and grant writing, funding research, program development and planning, budget development, initial grant template development, grant review and editing along with submission.

    • Program Administration – Need a hand in getting your program underway? Let us provide temporary or complete management assistance to provide interim management assistance as you work to hire or replace program staff or look to hire someone with full responsibility.
    • Development of Funder - Required Documents – Let us help you in developing documents that are required as a condition of grant funding. Assistance includes Sub-Recipients Agreements, Annual Action Plans/One-Year Use of Funds, Five-Year Consolidated Plans, Memoranda of Understanding, Evaluation Reports, etc.
    • Implementation of Programmatic Activities – Jumpstart your program by outsourcing to us critical (and allowable) activities such as community outreach, income verification, or participant enrollment to ensure you program stays on schedule with proposed timelines and meets benchmarks.
    • Data Collection – Let us conduct a review of your data collection efforts to ensure data validity and reliability and implementation of appropriate data collection efforts. Directly related to performance reporting, your ability to measure success is only as good as the data you collect and measure to make the determination.
    • Performance Reporting – Regular performance reporting is required by all grant funders. Whether quarterly, biannually or annually, we can assist in developing the narrative for funder-required performance reports.
    • Program Evaluation Planning – Assist in developing a basic, evaluation plan that establishes a process for determining if goals, objectives and planned outcomes are being met.
    • Reporting and Filing Audits – Our staff will assist with conducting an internal review to ensure that your funded programs are implemented in compliance with funder’s guidelines and as described and approved under your grant agreement. Key to the process is a review of program data and documentation to ensure proper record-keeping.
    • Sub-Recipient Monitoring – Similar to the program and file audit process, it is important to conduct monitoring visits of your grant sub-recipients to ensure proper implementation, compliance and record keeping.
    • Close Out – Wrapping up documentation is an important final step in grants management; we can help ensure appropriate outreach, forms, and budget items are completed and organized for final submittal.
    • Post-Grant Support – Audits and post grant work is a likely possibility, at least with federal grants. We will ensure availability for your organization after any grant management process is done in perpetuity.

    • Technical assistance customized to your organizations unique and individualized needs, provided online or on-site.
    • Capacity building assistance to assess adherence with non-profit operating standards, organizational strengths and weaknesses, and areas of enhancement to ensure sustainability of programs and services.
    • Online Trainings Under Construction
    • Intro to Grant Writing
    • Writing and Reviewing Federal Grants
    • Budgeting
    • Outcomes and Evaluation
Grant Management with Paramount Planning