Organization refers to the organizational structure and personnel belonging to a community or agency, whether individually, groups/teams, or key leadership. Organizations must be efficient, cost-effective, and reliable while promoting a consistent and streamlined ability to identify strengths and weaknesses, along with opportunities for improvement.

We offer a wide range of assistance to organizations from strategic planning to SWOT analysis; utilizing unique and tailored team-building and problem-solving approaches.

Organization Services Available:

- Annual report research and development
- Strategic planning
- Work Group, Task Force, Collaboration teams
- Facilitation of collaborating whiteboarding
- Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats Analysis (SWOT)
- Performance evaluation
- Tailored approaches available upon request

Organization with Paramount Planning


Hosting organizational ‘campfires’ featuring key personnel and leadership. Sitting together as a group outside of an office atmosphere to discuss and work on issues has been a long-running way to solve problems, and remains one of the most efficient ones. Paramount terms these meetings as ‘campfires’, drawing on the upper Midwest tradition of hosting campfires with friends and family. Contact us today to discuss this fun and ‘team’ approach to problem solving.

Organization with Paramount Planning